Future Readiness

Future Readiness Programmes

We work with Schools to develop a customised annual programme for Future Readiness that includes Teachers, Students and the Parents, thereby ensuring that the school is a QAI Certified Future Ready School. All stakeholders undertake a self-analysing Future Readiness Index questionnaire. The outcome is then analysed and additional inputs taken from the school basis which a specific and focused programme is developed.

Activities are mapped to the research-based Future Readiness Framework developed by QAI linked to which is the Future Readiness Index. Details and outline can be found in the ‘Future Readiness – Megatrends…and the way forward’ report produced by QAI.

The activities would include focused programmes including:

  • Benchmarking and gap analysis
  • Professional development programmes for teachers
  • Interactive workshops and sessions for students
  • Championships, events and competitions for students and teachers
  • Inter-school events and championship

All activities have a clear Future Readiness focus.